Dream Floor Giveaway

Household floors are constantly taking a beating, and often after several years need replacement. Maybe they are not looking bad but you are just ready for a change of scenery around the home. Either way, I am sure it would be hard to pass up new flooring if you were given $5,000 towards it. If you are the winner you will also receive $2,500 cash to do as you please with. I feel like this is a sweeps that just about everyone could somehow benefit from, so please take a second to fill it out!

How to enter:
1) Click the link below
2) Enter email address and click “Begin Entry”
3) Fill out contest entry form
4) Click “Submit Entry”

Lumber Liquidators is holding a contest that is giving away $5,000 toward flooring and $2,500 cash. All entrants must be at least 21 years of age. This contest is open to residents of the United States and D.C.

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