My ToastySweeps

Gas Gift Card Giveaway

Here's my recurring ToastySweeps to win a Gas Gift Card! Come see if you were the most recent winner, and enter to win the next one! Take this win right to the gas station and get a free fill-up on me. :)

Win 10 Yankee Candles from ToastyEgg

Here's your chance for a huge assortment of Yankee Candles! The winner will receive 10 scented candles to use around the house. These are my absolute favorite! Enter this ToastySweeps for a chance to win!

Quick Cash Giveaway - Ends Soon!

Enter to win the next Quick-Cash ToastySweeps, and check to see if you were the winner of the one that just ended! Remember, you can enter this daily to increase your odds of winning.

Win a Box of Chocolate from Ginger

Last month's Valentine's Day chocolate winner has been announced, come see! Plus, you can enter my next chocolate giveaway right here for a big box of delicious Godiva chocolates. Yum! ;)

Monthly Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Come see the winner of January's $50 Amazon Gift Card, and enter to win February's at the same time! Enter daily through the end of every month for the best odds of winning. Good Luck!

Win The Macy's Cash Sweepstakes

We all know it and love it - Macy's has maybe the best deals on clothing in the whole world, so I know that you can use this ToastySweeps prize if you turn out to be the lucky winner. Enter for your chance!

Win an AMEX Gift Card

Incoming ToastySweeps! This giveaway is for a gift card that can be used towards anything at all (as long as the store accepts American Express). Enter for your chance to win this one, ends soon!

Giveaway for the best coffee ever!

Hi guys, I wanted to share my favorite coffee with you. I actually got a FREE bag of Amora coffee straight from the makers and I was so glad I did because I'm in love with it. I like it so much that I bought a whole box of it to give away in my ToastySweeps! Enter right now for your chance to win. :)

Enter to Win a Tesla Model 3

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, this is your chance to win a brand new Tesla Model 3 through ToastyEgg! This 100% electric car is the most anticipated vehicle of all time and you could be one of the first to own it. Put your name in right now for a chance to win. Enter daily for the best odds!

Win this Winter Starbucks Gift Basket!

Because those of us that drink coffee don't plan on stopping any time soon! Enter to win a new gift basket filled with different Starbucks coffees and some other goodies. This should save you a bit of money on morning coffee trips!

Win an Amazon Echo from Ginger

Enter to win a new Amazon Echo! This perseonal assistant (Alexa) responds to anything you ask it. You can get instant weather updates, traffic times, and even do things like order pizza or add to your grocery list just by speaking out loud. I'm giving out an Amazon Echo (the larger version with the built-in speaker) to a lucky winner. Enter daily for better chances to win!

Ginger's iPad Giveaway!

Here's the next ToastySweeps for a brand new Apple iPad! This is the most revered tablet for streaming videos, checking emails, reading books and a whole lot more. A lot of people even use this to replace their computer. Put your name in now for a chance to win!

Win a Keurig K55 Coffee Brewer

Who else needs coffee to start the day? Sometimes I feel like I can't even roll out of bed unless it's to make coffee! Keurigs are the absolute fastest way to make fresh coffee. I'm giving away a Keurig K55 brewer to a lucky member in my new ToastySweeps. You can enter daily to win!

Win a Brand New iPhone X

A new BIG ToastySweeps is here! One lucky ToastyEgg member will be taking their calls on the best phone available right now - the brand new iPhone X! And, if you're an Android person, you can give this one to a friend and watch their eyes light up! Enter daily for the best odds!