My ToastySweeps

ToastySweeps: Amazon Gift Card

This is one of the most popular prizes, so I decided to give another one away! The winner will receive a digital gift card that can be applied to their Amazon account and used for any future purchases. This is as good as cold, hard, cash!

Let me replace all your pots and pans!

That's right, this next ToastySweeps is a giveaway for a complete cookware set. I'm talking new nonstick pots & pans, and brand new cooking utensils to replace your old, beat-up ones! Enter right soon, I'll choose the winner in mid-August!

Free Box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

Ready to bite into a crunchy, hazelnut filled Ferrero chocolate? These are maybe my all-time favorite dessert, and I really look forward to them around Christmas time. And, to go along with the 'Christmas in July' theme, that means I'll be giving out a huge box of these chocolates in my next ToastySweeps!

ToastySweeps Gift Card Giveaway

I've decided on my next ToastySweeps prize, and I'm sure you'll be able to put this one to good use! It's a gift card to use on any beauty products you like! Now, fellas, just because the word 'beauty' is in this doesn't mean you won't be able to use the gift card if you win. In fact, I'll let the winner choose any store to use this gift card at, as long as they have personal care or beauty prodcuts - enter now!

ToastySweeps: Win a Travel Kit

Today I am giving out an "On the Go" travel kit for any of your Summer adventures. The kit contains a lot of quality travel products like shampoo, toothpaste, a comb, and more. It's TSA approved so you're free to take it in your carry-on!

I'm Giving Away a Starbucks Gift Basket

How does this sound? So many people were interested in my Starbucks gift card giveaway that I decided to cut out the middle man and send Starbucks straight to the winner of this new ToastySweeps. The basket will come with different coffee and tea blends, as well as some snacks for you! Enter daily for more chances.

ToastySweeps: Win an Amazon Echo

If you haven't heard of Amazon Echo yet, it's one of the coolest new pieces of technology on the market right now. It's basically a personal assistant (Alexa) that responds to anything you ask it. You can get instant weather updates, traffic times, and even do things like order pizza or add to your grocery list just by speaking out loud. I'm giving out an Amazon Echo (the version with the built-in speaker) to a lucky winner. Enter daily for better chances to win!