My ToastySweeps

ToastySweeps: Amazon Gift Card

It's time for another Amazon Gift card giveaway! The winner will receive a digital gift card that can be applied to their Amazon account and used for any future purchases. In other words, this is an instant cash win!

ToastySweeps: 60 Piece Tupperware Set

Hey ToastyEgg readers, I want to do something very special for you! I'm choosing one lucky winner to receive a new set of plastic storage containers to replace all of your (undoubtedly) worn out ones. I'm buying a massive 60 piece set to give away. Enter for a short time to win this ToastySweeps.

Never Lose Your Stuff Again

Hey, raise your hand if you've ever spent an hour looking for your keys. Every single person reading this should have their hands in the air because it happens to all of us! Luckily, we live in a technology world that has a solution for lost keys and other things. I'm giving out a Tile Mate tracker in my next ToastySweeps! This little device attaches to your keys, phone, wallet, or whatever, and lets you locate it using your phone!

Get a Free Magic Bullet Set

How long have you wanted a Magic Bullet system the kitchen? I heard about them, but I didn't know how useful it would be until I got one. When I did, I started using it for everything from chopping up vegetables to whipping up homemade whipped cream for bagels (cinnamon raisin is the best)! I love mine so much that I decided to go out and buy a set to give away to a lucky member in my new ToastySweeps! Put your name in for a chance to win!

Win a Personal Coca-Cola Mini Fridge

This one will take you back in time! For my newest ToastySweeps, I will pick one special winner to receive a cool little Coca-Cola mini fridge featuring the famous Coca-Cola polar bear on it! This little fridge takes up almost no space at all. Enter my sweepstakes below!