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The $2,000 VISA Reveal!

The big reveal is finally here. Did you just win the $2,000 VISA gift card? Check to see if you're one of the luckiest winners in ToastyEgg history!

Instant Wins Everyday!

It’s always fun to win a prize but to win a prize instantly has to be the very best. 61-instant winners will each win a $25 prepaid gift card to spend however you wish to spend it. Pamper yourself on something just for you or get something special for that certain someone. To enter, you are required to be at least 45 years of age to win a gift card. You can enter everyday for a chance at winning, and you’ll find out right away if you’re a winner of a $25 gift card.

Dog Food for a Year and More

The fur-babies will be thrilled if you’re one of the winner’s in this awesome pet friendly giveaway! 3-Winners will each win amazing pet prizes, including; a 1-full year of one of the best dog foods in the world, Mossy Oak Natures Menu. The grand prize winner will also win a Intermediate Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Edition Kennel value at nearly $600 and a Gunner all-weather kit for your kennel. 2-Winners will each win a 1-year supply of Mossy Oak Natures Menu dog food, valued at almost $700 each. Give your fur baby a gift that they will thank you for and save a lot of money for yourself too.

Win a Sports Utility Vehicle

You and your buddies could be riding this beauty and having the most amazing adventures very soon! 1-Grand prize winner will win an Argo Frontier 6X6 Scout S Sports Utility vehicle, fully decked out in camo design. Go anywhere and do anything, bring it along on your next outdoor adventure, it’s completely designed to meet the demanding needs of the avid hunter and outdoorsmen. Fully packed with standard factory installed accessories, including a cab heater. Can tow up to 1200 pounds and designed to be used for recreation or commercial use.

12-Days of Christmas Giveaway

What are you wishing for this holiday season? Do you have 1-big wish on your list or lots of smaller wishes? 12-Grand prize winners will each win a wish list prize from the many awesome items in this giveaway. Choose your 3-favorite wishes and if you’re one of the 12-winners, you’ll receive one of the prizes that you selected. You’ll get your very own secret Santa gift and you’ll love it because you chose it! Prize choices include; a KitchenAid Blender and mixer, 1-KT diamond earrings, his and hers Fossil timepieces, a 20-pc Le-Creuset cookware and so much more! Choose your favorite 3-prizes and enter for a chance at being one of the lucky 12!

Boy’s Life Ultimate Giveaway

Any boys dream is what this ultimate prize package is and 1-grand prize winner will win it all. Included in this giveaway is; 1-Swiss Army Boy Scout Explorer, 1-Daisy Boy Scout BB Gun Kit, 1-W.R. Case BSA licensed Half Whittler, 1-Daisy F16 Slingshot, 1-Daisy B52 Slingshot, 1-Marvel Captain America The Winter Soldier-Super Soldier Gear-Recon Rangefinder and so much more, this mega prize package is valued at over $1,700 and full of the most awesome gear that any boy would love to have. Over 30-pieces in this boys life gear package. Put a smile on that young boys face and give him something to start making his own adventures with.

Perfect Sleep Chair Giveaway

Your living room, den or study never felt so good! 1-Grand prize winner will win one of the most perfect chairs you’ll ever have in your home, that’s why it’s called, the Perfect Sleep Chair. Remote control for therapeutic heat, massage, recline, and lift, and the DuraLux Leather provides durability and comfort. Sleep-soft, hi-density foam cradles you in comfort, and the perfect chair for those who can’t lie down and sleep in bed. Side pockets to keep remotes handy. This chair is valued at over $2,000 and will make the perfect gift for anyone’s home, I’m hoping it’s soon in yours!

Happy Dreaming

Tired of tossing and turning, and waking up through the night just to find out there’s hours left laying on the uncomfortable saggy, lumpy mattress that you have? Well worry no more about losing sleep, you’re on your way to the best sleep and sweet dreams. 1-Grand prize winner will win a king size Serta Tomorrow Sleep mattress. This Serta memory foam pillow mattress was built to help align your spine no matter how you sleep while whisking away body heat with temperature regulating memory foam. Whether you spend your nights sleeping flat, sideways or somewhere in between, you’re going to love the way you sleep and feel when you wake up.