Latest Freebies

Take the $500 Savings Challenge

Want to save more money? Join others taking the challenge to build financial strength. Sign up for 7 days of saving activities to help you stash away $500 - this week.

Free Protein Bar

Venture Bar is giving away samples of their tasty protein bars. The protein bars cost about $4.49 each, so this is a pretty great value sample. Venture Bars are about having both protein and nutrition, instead of just one or the other.

$3.00 Gift Code for You

Every little bit helps, right? I found an app that will pay you $3.00 when you install it. Then, if you keep it, you'll earn more rewards in the background without having to do anything. As long as you keep it, you should keep earning rewards.

Free Essential Oils Samples

Essential Oils can be used to improve all different aspects of your life. Get a free sample from Meaghan Terzis Fitness for a short time.

Free Beauty Products

The Honest Company has a free trial available for their essentials bundle. The essentials bundle includes shampoo, body wash, face & body lotion, healing balm, hand soap, and multi surface wipes. Make sure you check the "essentials bundle" to claim.

Free Gillette Razor

This is a very limited time promotion. Gillette is giving away free razors to prove how great their products are. If you're not using them now, you should definitely try it out, especially since they are giving it away for free!

Free Pizza from Papa Johns

Yum! Papa John's is giving away a free large 1-topping pizza when you buy any pizza online using Visa Checkout. I did this the other day and I got my promo code via email early the next morning. I'm going to use the promo code this weekend for a free pizza!

You could earn hundreds of dollars

I put together a list of studies that are currently paying people for their time. There are 5 of them in total. You can try to qualify for each one. Take each survey to see if you are eligible. You might end up earning money!
1. Knee or Hip Pain - Earn up to $1,000
2. Rheumatoid Arthritis - Earn up to $625
3. Cluster Headaches Study - Earn up to $350
4. Diabetic Foot Ulcer - Earn up to $750
5.Shingles - Earn up to $300