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Free Protein Bar

Venture Bar is giving away samples of their tasty protein bars. The protein bars cost about $4.49 each, so this is a pretty great value sample. Venture Bars are about having both protein and nutrition, instead of just one or the other.

Organic Food Giveaway

In our busy lives, it can be difficult to stick to an affordable, fresh, and healthy diet. Organic foods are always a good choice for people hoping to eliminate preservatives and other harmful things from their diets. Organicgirl is giving away free salads, dressings, and green juice for an entire year. If you win this contest, there will be no excuses for not eating healthy this year.

$10,000 Dream Vacation

Close your eyes and picture you perfect vacation. Would you be on a beach in Hawaii? Taking a gondola ride through Venice, the canal city? Whatever your perfect vacation would be, this contest is trying to make your dream a reality. If you are the grand prize winner of this sweeps, you will win $10,000 to use toward your perfect vacation. With a prize like that, you will want to enter.

Gold Nugget Giveaway

Not many of us could go and spend almost $600 on a gold nugget, but if someone wanted to give you one, would that be okay? 15 people will win a gold nugget from Holland America Cruise Lines. If you win this sweepstakes, you will be a winner for life as your gold will continue to increase in value! This is one of the few items you could ever win that will actually be worth more as the years go on.

Fish With Gerald Swindle

World class fisherman Gerald Swindle could be sitting in the boat next to you, casting a line. B.A.S.S LLC is giving away a fishing trip with Gerald, where you will also receive autographed jersey, $500.00 in spending money, and much more. This could be your chance to have a really great time and receive some fishing tips from a pro.

VIP Napa Valley Film Festival

Each year there are thousands of independent movies made, that never make it to the big screen, and never really get their fair shot. Raymond Vineyards is sending one lucky winner and a guest to a Napa Valley Film Festival. Here you will view some of these independent movies while having world-class food and wine. You will be catered on by high-quality staff and given everything you need to have a good time.

$3.00 Gift Code for You

Every little bit helps, right? I found an app that will pay you $3.00 when you install it. Then, if you keep it, you'll earn more rewards in the background without having to do anything. As long as you keep it, you should keep earning rewards.

$500 Gift Card plus Chinatown Experience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in, or visit China? You may be surprised to know that here in America, we have several small urban areas that are known for Chinese culture. P.F. Chang’s is sending one lucky winner to Chinatown to see for themselves. Visiting these areas will give you a glimpse into Chinese lifestyle and culture. The genuine feel of these areas will allow you to experience authentic Chinese food, shopping, and much more.